Levels Of Service

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Organize IT! Has 4 levels of service which are described below.  Times are only estimates. Homes with large quantities of knick-knacks, keepsakes, clutter, etc., will require additional time.

  • General:  Usually takes 3-4 hours depending on the size of the home.  Will require more time if home is more than one level or has more square footage.
  • Deep cleaning: 5-6 hours depending on size of home.
  • Spring cleaning: Usually takes 5 or more days depending on size of home.  This service will be perfomed on an alternate day if a regular cleaning client.
  • Organizing:  This is a per-chore basis.  Garages and sheds are billed at a slightly higher rate. 

With all surface cleaning, usually we use a 2-4 step cleaning process.  Depending on what we are cleaning at the time.

  • 1. Dust
  • 2. Clean/disinfect
  • 3. Dry surfaces
  • 4. Polish and shine

General cleaning includes the following: This is a general list of chores.  Each house is unique so time and list of chores will be estimated upon the first visit.  We will straighten papers, bathroom items, bedroom collectables, books, etc.  We will use our own discretion to determine how much can be done within a specific time frame with input from the homeowner.

  • Dust furniture, electronics and collectables.  Also dust kitchen appliances and remove finger prints in needed
  • Vacuum/sweep floors and carpets
  • Scour sinks and tubs.  We use soft scrub so will not harm surfaces
  • Clean, and polish mirrors, faucets and other shiny surfaces in kitchen and bathrooms
  • Clean toilets, shower stalls and baths
  • Wash floors.  May take more time if there are more hardwood floors
  • Shake/vacuum small indoor rugs
  • Clean and disinfect counter tops and polish granite if applicable
  • Remove stove/burner grates, trays, knobs, chrome deflectors etc., Clean, replace and polish
  • Clean and polish large stainless steel appliances in kitchen
  • Polish outside of glass oven doors
  • Spray down shower and tub grout with tilex if needed for mildew
  • Straighten towels on towel racks and on kitchen/bathroom counter tops
  • Straighten beds: does not include removal and replacement of linens unless otherwise specified

Deep cleaning: Includes general cleaning as well as the following:

  • Launder washable rugs, towels and bed linens
  • Make or straighten beds
  • Dust tops of all door frames and blinds
  • Clean inside microwave oven, remove and replace trays etc.
  • Wipe down visible and easily accessible handprints and dirt on walls and door jams etc.
  • Load and run dishwasher and empty

Spring cleaningSpring cleaning can be a one-time jobs for clients or non-regular clients.  This may take more than allotted time depending on size/square footage of home.  We can do a room-by-room spring cleaning if there is a need instead of the whole house. Everything includes general and deep cleaning as well as the following if applicable but may not be limited to:

  • Vacuum, wash walls and ceilings:  Popcorn ceilings are not included.
  • Remove, launder and replace curtains.  Also can remove drapes and drop of at dry cleaners for an additional fee
  • Inside window washing.  May take longer depending on window count
  • Vacuum, Wash door jams, walls and baseboards
  • Dust and polish kitchen and bathroom cupboard fronts & wood
  • Clean inside/outside refrigerator, including removing items from top and replace items
  • Clean inside ovens/toaster ovens roaster or rotisseries:  Homeowner is responsible for purchase of oven cleaners
  • Remove, vacuum/clean all light fixtures and lamp shades and replace. 
  • Clean grout from counter-top tiles: Homeowner is responsible for supplying grout cleaning solvents
  • Vacuum, dust/wash plants.  Artificial plants can be washed/rinsed in tub or with a soft cloth then rinsed with garden hose.  This is a faster process
  • Remove, wash and replace metal and plastic blinds.  Can be safely washed with a soft brush and soft scrub cleaner
  • Vacuum air vents: will remove, wash and replace if needed
  • Remove, clean and replace reachable light fixtures
  • Wash windowsills if reachable
  • Empty, wash and refill cat litter box(s)
  • Shake/wash/replace pet beds and/or crates
  • Dust, clean stair rails/banister and polish with wood polish if applicable
  • Treat all lime/scale/rust on faucets and shower stalls
  • Treat and clean shower/tub grout
  • Empty and wash small household trashcans and replace liners:  Does not include city garbage receptacles
  • Remove and/or replace cupboard shelf liners:  Does not include shelving materials/liners. Client must provide these materials.  This usually takes a few days depending on size and cupboard count.
  • Clean inside refrigerator and remove, clean and replace shelving, drawers, all food jars, bottles etc. if applicable
  • Clean inside cabinets which we will remove items, wash/dry shelf paper and replace items in organized manner.
  • Dust/vacuum and wash all knick-knacks and all small collectables
  • Vacuum woven baskets
  • Dust real and artificial plants and clean if applicable
  • Just about anything else you can think of that needs detailed cleaning!

Extra Day Projects:  For our clients that are weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly we can fit in extra projects.  If there is something specific and you do not need spring cleaning but need an extra project done, we can make arrangements for a few hours on a specified day if available to complete this project for you.  Please see spring cleaning checklist for examples.

Other Services:  

  • Ironing
  • Remove & Re-line drawer and cupboard paper/liner
  • Remove & replace window treatments
  • Drop-off/pick up laundry and/or dry cleaning
  • Run errands/grocery shopping
  • Much more!
Special Services: 
  • House sitting
  • Pet Care/dog walking: fee depends on how many dogs that need to be walked and animals that need care
  • Large farm animal care is booked at a higher rate. Client may also be accessed “gas” fee. 


Nothing runs better than a well organized home.  This is a longer-term systematic process where we sort, prioritize, remove, recycle and do more detailed categorization of your home or office.  We can organize any room or closet in your home including garages, sheds, rented storage units and more.  We can take your home to another level of clean and comfort.  If something is not on the list, ask us because we may be able to Organize IT! too.

Thank you!

The team at Organize IT!